A Conversation With Sajithan Selvakumar, SAC Presidential Candidate

Sajithan Selvakumar is one of the three candidates vying for the Student Council presidency. Make sure you read this exclusive interview before you vote on Monday, June 5th!

If I was going to ask ten random students in the hall to describe your contributions up to this point, what do you think they would say?

“So, at this point, they would say that my position as marketing director for the Student Activity Council. In October, I was elected to be the Red Cross Bullying Ambassador for a few months. With the Student Athletic Association, I helped out with the Camp Robin Hood trip. My contribution to DECA was another. I started the campaign, and it was a team effort.”

If you had to pick one leader that you admire, who would you choose and why?

“I would choose Mrs. Zorayan, because I think that she gave me the opportunity to show who I really was within the Council. She gave me the opportunities where I could show my potential leadership and efforts, especially with organizing the GO Conference for the grade nines, and other business events. When I entered, I was a really quiet student, and she sort of introduced me to the Graydon family and showed me all the potential I had within myself.”

What do you think is your greatest weakness as a leader?

“My greatest weakness as a leader is not knowing people. Basically, throughout this year, as a grade eleven, I only knew students in grades ten and twelve. But, unfortunately, I was unable to reach out to the grade nines, since I didn’t know where they or their involvement within the community.”

What do you think is the greatest strength of the current Student Activity Council, and how would you improve it next year?

“This year, being a part of SAC, we had to plan our events ahead of time. But, before planning out the entire thing, I would ask students what they want and implement it into the school year plan before it’s finalized. Before we come up with events like Carnival or the semi-formal, everything has to be decided in September.”

What is something unique that you have planned to improve the participation of the student body in the Student Activity Council.

“For the next year, I’ve decided to create a suggestion box that will be placed at the Four Corners. Basically, this would give everyone the chance to input their ideas whenever they pop up. This makes it more effective instead of general meetings, since not many people can attend the meetings, but drop off their ideas whenever they want.”

Why did you use the expression “Promote Unity, Plan Creatively, Promote Opportunity,” in your social media and posters?

“The reason why I decided to use this as my slogan is because these are the weaknesses that I saw throughout the school. By reaching out to students, I realized that unity, creativity, and opportunity was a huge problem. Every year, SAC decides to have the same events, but in order to hype up Graydon spirit, I decided to think of events that students like.”

What events do you propose to bring students together and unite the student body in the last year at Graydon?

“I’ve decided to use Carnival was my final event, since Graydon’s going to be closing next year. I wanted to think of an event that would unite the whole body. Since Carnival has been cancelled for more than two years straight, I feel that by having Carnival as the final event, everyone’s Graydon spirit will be hyped up, like Camp Robin Hood.”

How would you have tackled the issue of Spring Sizzle being cancelled?

“The Student Activity Council wasn’t a part of that, since Spring Sizzle was organized by the student body.”

What would you do differently from the current Student Activity Council?

“Instead of having only members be a part of SAC, I would give the opportunity to students to have a voice with what SAC does. This gives a chance to people who are not a part of SAC to have a voice.”


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