Exclusive Interview: SAC Presidential Candidate Tanmay Deotale

Tanmay Deotale is one of the three candidates vying for the Student Council presidency. Make sure you read this exclusive interview before you vote on Monday, June 5th!

If I was going to ask ten random students in the hall to describe your contributions up to this point, what do you think they would say?

“I think that they would talk about my contributions to the semi-formal. I was before and after, and I helped with the coat-check. I also found the banquet hall, so I already have contributions to the Student Activity Council as a leader. Furthermore, I’ve also had a job for two years, which isn’t exactly crucial, but it does talk about my commitment and my hard-working ethic.”

If you had to pick one leader that you admire, who would you choose and why?

“I think that Bonnie Crombie was a good leader because she has a balanced life. She goes to parties and she still manages to manage all parts of her council, and that’s just the type of leader that I strive to be – a leader that’s balanced with everything in life.”

What do you think is your greatest weakness as a leader?

“I think that my greatest weakness is that I’m really controlling, and that I want everything to be my way, or else I’ll work to persuade others.”

What do you think is the greatest strength of the current Student Activity Council, and how would you improve it next year?

“I think that the greatest strength of the Student Activity Council would be that it’s a very large council. That way, the events have more awareness and there are more people who can have tasks delegated to them. Next year, I want to have a smaller council with more socially-responsible people, so that more work can be done.”

What is something unique that you have planned to improve the participation of the student body in the Student Activity Council?

“What I want is better marketing for all events, as well as club unity. That means meeting with the club leaders every month and discussing their participation in events and their plans for the year. We can better study the student demographics and create better events.”

Why did you use the expression “Change is Key, Vote for T” in your social media and posters?

“I chose it because my name doesn’t really rhyme with anything. I just chose the first letter from my name and used the term ‘change’ because it’s beneficial to any presidential campaign. So, it’s just a play on words, really.”

What events do you propose to bring students together and unite the student body in the last year at Graydon?

“What’s been successful in the past is the semi-formal dance. I think it’s important to build on these events and have better event planning, in addition to better marketing to make it the biggest event we’ve had in Graydon.”

How would you have tackled the issue of Spring Sizzle being cancelled?

“I think that I would have tried to take a step further with the administration and tried to show the significance that Sizzle has to the student body. Furthermore, I would try to make slight budget cuts in order to convince them while still being able to hold the event.”

What would you do differently from the current Student Activity Council?

“As I mentioned before, I would want a smaller council so that the workload is more concentrated and students actually feel the pressure to work harder. Furthermore, I would try to have a proper calendar for the events so that the students actually know what’s happening and that the council is on the same page.”


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