Real Talk: Interviewing Jusleen Hayre, SAC Vice Presidential Candidate

Jusleen Hayre is one of the three candidates vying for the Student Council vice presidency. Make sure you read this exclusive interview before you vote on Monday, June 5th!

If I was going to ask ten random students in the hall to describe your contributions up to this point, what do you think they would say?

“I believe that if you went up to any ten students, they would all agree that by now, they know who I am and what my platform mainly consists of. They know that I’ve already contributed a lot of my time and effort to this initiative. I’ve made it my priority over the last two days to familiarize myself with other grades and ensure that I have a strong presence established within Graydon.”

If you had to pick one leader that you admire, who would you choose and why?

“If I was going to choose a leader that I look up to, it would have to be Michelle Obama. She served two terms as First Lady. I truly admire how she took initiative in advocating for things she was passionate about: a healthy lifestyle and women’s rights. She’s compassionate, confident, and has a very strong character. She broke out of the traditional role of First Lady and stayed true to her beliefs, which I really look up to. Aside from that, she was able to be a great mother to two very intelligent girls and an amazing support system for her husband.

What do you think is your greatest weakness as a leader?

“My greatest weakness as a leader has to be having a great sense of urgency to complete a task – a slight sense of impatience. Forget meeting a deadline, I always emphasize the point of having work completed ahead of time. However, my intention is to be productive and well-organized.”

What do you think is the greatest strength of the current Student Activity Council, and how would you improve it next year?

“Currently, I think that the greatest strength of the Council is the sense of unity. Everyone is constantly supporting each other’s ideas and helping with assigned tasks. Like, throughout the Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s spirit weeks, the Council members showed up to activities and did an amazing job in creating hype. In addition, the Council has always made the best of whatever circumstance they have been in. I would further improve the Council through my policy of transparency between the general population and the Council. I want to ensure that non-member students’ voices are considered and prioritized just as much.”

What is something unique that you have planned to improve the participation of the student body in the Student Activity Council?

“Like I said before, I would implement the concept of transparency so that the Council and the general population would be on the same page. My ideas for this are monthly general meetings where everyone would be welcome and by having grade representatives speak on their grade’s behalf.”

Why did you use the expression “Hayre is the Name, Care is the Game” in your social media and posters?

“This expression totally embodies my entire take on the role of vice president of the Council. Serving the needs of the school and prioritizing the community’s happiness I feel is the purpose of the vice president. Hence, Care is the Game! It’s a very catchy expression – something short and sweet, just like me!”

What events do you propose to bring students together and unite the student body in the last year at Graydon?

“I have an entire list of ideas that’ll truly make Graydon’s last year the most memorable. That is one of my platform points. Anyway, to elevate school unity, I am proposing a winter carnival, an open mic night, and more spirit days to show off our pride. In addition to this, my platform also revolves around giving back to the community but also putting the ‘fun’ in fundraising. I have many entertaining fundraising ideas to propose, like a school-wide car wash and a pancake breakfast.”

How would you have tackled the issue of Spring Sizzle being cancelled?

“The cancelling of Spring Sizzle was really unfortunate, but after all, social events should be oriented around the desires of the student body. I guess no one was as excited for the Sizzle this year, so that’s why the response was not what the Council had hoped for. Anyway, what I would have done was compensate for the loss of the event by hosting something else for the students. Deciding upon an event would consist of having the Council brainstorm ideas, then having the student body choose what they would like through an online poll. This way students would have a springtime event to enjoy.”

What would you do differently from the current Student Activity Council?

“First off, I believe Mehwish was an amazing president and I’m inspired by the amount of dedication she had to the Council. I would protect her legacy by carrying on her work ethic and determination. I would ensure that the Council is always trying its best to create fun, welcoming social environments for every student. What I’d do differently is that I would aid in assembling a council that is less in numbers, but still as capable and strong as this year’s council. I feel that would prove to be more efficient.”


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