Smiles For Everyone: An Interview With Stephanie Aultman, SAC Presidential Candidate

Stephanie Aultman is one of the three candidates vying for the Student Council presidency. Make sure you read this exclusive interview before you vote on Monday, June 5th!

If I was going to ask ten random students in the hall to describe your contributions up to this point, what do you think they would say?

“I think that they would say that I helped out a lot with SAA. With events such as the athletic banquet, the grade nine and twelve Olympics, and the girl’s handball league. I think that I would also contribute a lot to creating a very friendly and open environment by welcoming the new grade nine students and also being an executive member of the WE Club.”

If you had to pick one leader that you admire, who would you choose and why?

“I think that’s a hard question because there are a lot of fantastic leaders in our world, both locally and internationally. However, one that stands out in my mind would probably be Malala Yousafzai. I admire her because she’s young, just like us, but she’s also making a huge impact on the world. She’s a girl in a country that kind of looks down on females getting an education, due to the government. Despite that, she’s been able to move past the obstacles she’s faced to become an advocate for education and women’s rights around the world.”

What do you think is your greatest weakness as a leader?

“I think my greatest weakness as a leader is that sometimes, I don’t think about the details. I like to focus on the ideas and I like to jump right into the action, which can sometimes make me forget about the small things that are important to the task at hand. However, with a team, I’m able to have others who are good with the details so that they can help me to make sure that all the details are covered.”

What do you think is the greatest strength of the current Student Activity Council, and how would you improve it next year?

“I think that they have a really strong executive team, who are enthusiastic about the events that SAC puts on. And that really shows when it comes to events such as semi-formal. However, I’d like to improve this by making sure the opinions of the students are more greatly implemented within SAC’s events so that the next school year really reflects the wants and needs of the student body.”

What is something unique that you have planned to improve the participation of the student body in the Student Activity Council?

“Although SAC has tried this before, I’d like to re-implement the general meetings so that students have a say as to the activities that they want SAC to put on. This would also include becoming a correspondent between the parent council and the student body, so that it’s more clearly stated how our program fees are being spent and that we have a direct say as to where our money goes. I know that this is a major issue that a lot of students at Graydon want addressed, and I want to make sure that we combat this problem to come up with a great solution for next year.”

Why did you use the expression “Vote for Stephanie, Vote for Smiles,” in your social media and posters?

“I think that school needs to be the place where people feel safe and happy, and at Graydon a lot of people feel academic pressure, which causes a lot of stress. So, when I’m elected president, I want to make sure that our year is filled with fun events that allow students to relieve some of their stress and just make their last year at Graydon the best ever. I want to make sure that every student has a smile.”

What events do you propose to bring students together and unite the student body in the last year at Graydon?

“Obviously, I would like to continue with our school dances, such as semi-formal and the Spring Sizzle, our buy-out days, and other athletic events, but I also want to make sure that we have a Carnival this year. The Graydon Carnival was a tradition that I was told about in grade nine, but unfortunately it hasn’t happened for the past three years. I know a lot of students want to see this event, so when I’m elected, I want to make sure that we have an awesome Carnival, with games, food, and bouncy castles!”

How would you have tackled the issue of Spring Sizzle being cancelled?

“So, I was actually on the student body team that tried to get Spring Sizzle to happen after it was originally cancelled. When I’m elected, I would make sure that SAC creates a more clearly outlined budget and proposal to present to the administration. The main issue with Spring Sizzle was that it was costing so much. I’d like to make sure that we advertise well ahead of time so that we have a strong number of people attending, which will help to cut the costs on the venue and food. This way, administration will feel comfortable approving this event and the students can have an amazing night.”

What would you do differently from the current Student Activity Council?

“I think Mehwish has done an amazing job and with the rest of the SAC team this year, they have put on a lot of great events. If I was to do something differently, I’d want to make sure that we have more input from the students directly. I think that the students deserve to have a say as to what happens at their school, and when I’m elected president, I’d like to make sure that this happens.”


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