Graydon Students Get Ready for a Historical Last Election Season

This year marks Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School’s last year for Student Activity Council elections. There were a record-breaking 34 applications submitted for next year’s executive positions, but the Council managed to whittle it down to just a few key candidates for the position of President and the two positions of Vice President.

There are a total of three candidates this year vying for the presidency: Stephanie Aultman, Tanmay Deotale, and Sajithan Selvakumar – all of them from grade eleven. Furthermore, there are three candidates for the two vice president positions: one grade ten: Sajni Chauhan and two grade elevens: Jusleen Hayre, Manjinder Mann.

Whichever candidate is elected by the student body on Monday, June 5th, will become Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School’s last student president. They will succeed Mehwish Siddiqui, the current student president. All other executive positions within the Council will be appointed by the current grade twelve executives.

Candidates were chosen by a team of teachers and current Council executives. Twelfth grade students were not allowed to apply for executive positions as they will be graduating this year. Only students who will be attending Graydon next year were allowed to apply. Furthermore, potential applicants required at least one year of leadership experience in the school community.

Students across the school, from grades nine through eleven, are gearing up for the upcoming elections. The majority of student concerns focused on the appropriate allocation of Council funds and the connection between the Council and the rest of the student body. “I want [the future president] to include everyone and not just focus on what their friends want,” said one student.

Another pressing issue that students brought up was the noticeable lack of field trips and meaningful excursions during the school year. “Instead of spending so much money on school infrastructure, they should spend more money on field trips and experiences,” said one student, who wished to remain anonymous. “I’d love to see them organize a Canada’s Wonderland trip for the twelfth graders.”

In a survey conducted by the Graydon Tribune’s team of political analysts, over 70% of students want the student body to be more involved in the decision-making process. This highlights the deep divide between the members of the Council and the student population in general. One individual remarked: “The Student Activity Council president should connect with the average Graydon student.”

But as students vote on Monday, June 5th, they must remember to hold their leaders accountable for their actions and not allow them to break their promises.


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